Exchange places 2023/2024 for students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (preliminary list)

In this list you find the possibilities for exchange studies that are normally available for students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

  1. When you have searched for the exchange places for your programme or used the search field, please click on 'More information' for each university, as this tab contains important information for example if a certain level of language is required.
  2. You can see how many places we have at that university and how long the study period is. 'Duration' means how many student months we have in total at that university, for example at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, for medicine it says: 2 / 6,00 Month (2023/2024) = we have two places for 3 months each during that year. If we have two places, it means we can either send one student for each semester, or two for autumn or two for spring.
  3. Travel reports. You can also read exchange study reports, about the experiences of former students at the various universities. Older travel reports you will find in the menu to the left.

The main application deadline is 1 February for studies during the autumn semester or spring semester. NB, some places are only available for autumn or spring. This has been clearly marked under the tab 'More information'. Remaining places after the 1 February round will be advertised later with a 10 September deadline.

The application forms for each application round will be available approximately one month before the respective deadline.